23 March 2016

A NYC Theater Project Needs some Deaf Talent!

SMFSA is seeking a Deaf performer/collaborator: 

The performance will focus on a pair of people, one deaf and one not, moving through a historically charged space in lower Manhattan. The writing will engage the history of that space through narration and dialogue. The text will originate from the deaf performer in ASL, and at times will be translated and spoken in English by another performer. A chorus of movers will punctuate the text with movement, breath, and vocalizations, but no spoken language. Their vocalizations will at times take on qualities of spoken language, and their movements will at times take on qualities of ASL, providing a sonic and visual score for the text. There will also be four(?) dancers in the performance, performing a visual and auditory score to the text. Their movements and breath will underline and interact with the text from underneath (supporting, underscoring the text). We anticipate having about four rehearsals leading up to the performance, which will take place at Dixon Place's mainstage as part of their Performance-in-Progress series on June 14th. We're able to provide a modest fee.
Here's their website:  http://smfsa.net/

Sound like it's up your alley? Email us at info[at]redeafined[dot]com, and we'll send your contact details along!

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