08 July 2015

Sign Language Interpretation at 2015 Edinburgh Book Festival

Editor's Note: True, I've got a vested interest in the Edinburgh Book Festival. I'll be there, talking about my book, Girl at War. But aside from my personal excitement about these events, I also find it remarkable that the festival coordinators are working so hard to make this week--one of the biggest book festivals in the world--so accessible to Deaf readers. I can't think of a comparable effort made here in the States, so if you're a UK Deafie, I'd urge you to put in a request for interpreters for your favorite authors' events, and spread the word!

Click here to see a list of events for which BSL interpreters are already scheduled.

Click here to request a BSL interpreter for a different event. (Requests due 31 July!)

Fun fact-- Did you know that American Sign Language (ASL) and British Sign Language (BSL) are very different? This is because both ASL and BSL are languages of their own, unrelated to English. ASL is more closely related to French Sign Language than British-- they even have different alphabets. Read more about it here >

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