23 June 2015

THE TRIBE is Not a "Deaf Movie": An Interview with Yana Novikova

Deaf interpreter Maleni Chaitoo, Editor
Sara Novic, and actress Yana Novikova
From vice.com:
When I first heard that The Tribe had been sweeping awards at festivals worldwide, I was skeptical. The film, written and directed by Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy, is set in a Ukrainian boarding school for the deaf and made exclusively in Ukrainian Sign Language (USL). I was intrigued, but assumed people's excitement had more to do with the novelty of sign language than any merit of the actual film. I expected remarks on how "inspiring" it is to see deaf people acting, the way hearing people often declare themselves inspired when a deaf person does something they deem "normal." Then I watched the film. Read more on Vice.com >

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