15 April 2014

Guest Post: Deaf Friendly Dental and Medical Care

Editor's note: Recently, discussion of whether hospitals and medical professionals are doing enough to cater to deaf and hard-of-hearing patients has been at the forefront of the news. A lawsuit filed in Long Island posits that three hospitals failed to have sign language interpreters on staff to communicate with Alfred Weinrib, who thus never understood his cancer diagnosis, and later tried to commit suicide when placed in a nursing home where no one understood him. Last week the BBC took a look at the experience of medical care for deaf people in the UK. As Guardian writer Charlie Swinbourne suggests, it's only a matter of time before a deaf patient dies due to medical neglect brought on by a communication failure. So what does it take to run a deaf-friendly medical practice?

14 April 2014

"I'm Deaf and I'm Totally Cool With it, Thanks"

Check out founding editor Sara's xoJane article, "I'm Deaf and I'm Totally Cool With it, Thanks," for a personal perspective on the things wacky hearing people think about deafness (and for some reason can't help but say to her face!) Click to read "I'm Deaf and I'm Totally Cool With It, Thanks" on xoJane.

14 March 2014

Advanced Bionics Knowingly Implanted Defective Devices in Children, Wearers Electrocuted

Story and video courtesy NBC News: "A manufacturer of 'amazing medical' devices known as cochlear implants, which restore hearing to the deaf, sold defective implants to young children and adults for years — even after learning that a significant number of the devices had failed, according to documents obtained by NBC News...

26 February 2014

Guest Post: Welcome to the Mainstream

Editor's Note: The following is an excerpt from Mark Drolsbaugh's lastest book Madness in the Mainstream, chronicling the struggles of both everyday life and academic work as a child in the mainstream, or "least restrictive environment." You can learn more at Deaf Culture Online, or find him on Twitter @drolzuncensored. Thanks for sharing, Mark!
[Also: The author uses a bit of strong language to illustrate the inner thoughts of a frustrated 7th grade boy, which may not be appropriate for little eyes.]

24 February 2014

Short Story by Founding Editor features Deaf Protagonist

Just wanted to share a piece of short fiction, written by our founding editor Sara Novic and featuring a Deaf protagonist, is available to read now on Guernica Magazine. If you like sign language, snake handling, and secret high school love affairs, check it out!

22 January 2014

If #AbledPeopleSay Makes You Angry...That's Sort of the Point

Two days ago, @autistichoya started the Twitter hashtag #abledpeoplesay, where people posted discriminatory things said to them about their "disabilities." The hashtag soon caught on and is still running now, but not without the usual backlash of trolls, indignant offended people, and quibbling over the best wording for the tag. Similar responses surfaced during the trending of #solidarityisforwhitewomen, as well as various other discussions of discrimination. So why do people get so angry when the minority has the floor?

20 January 2014

MLK Jr.'s "I Have a Dream Speech" in ASL

Watch Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream Speech" in American Sign Language. Signed by Richard Bailey, courtesy of Boston Landmarks Orchestra.

To see the full text of the speech, click here.

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
Read about the Deaf President Now protests at Gallaudet, in part inspired and informed by the philosophies of MLK, here

21 December 2013

Santa Loves Good Grammar: The Night Before Christmas in ASL

Check out little Shaylee's ASL version of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas in ASL. Be sure to visit Mental Floss for a breakdown of the complexities of ASL grammar in Shaylee's storytelling (her use of spacial and facial grammar, and role shift), and Happy Holidays from Redeafined!

16 December 2013

What the "Fake Sign Language Interpreter" Really Said

Well we can all agree on one thing, whatever it was Tamsanqua Jantije was signing during Mandela's memorial service last week, it wasn't the actual content of the word leaders' speeches he stood beside.
The backlash surrounding the event has been widespread, ranging from week-long news coverage, an SNL spoof (unfortunately no CC, no thanks to Hulu) and social commentary from philosophical darlings like Žižek.
But in all the discussion, Jantije's "performance" has brought to light several important issues about the state of sign language interpretation and our cultural understanding of language, deafness, and disability across the globe. Here's what we've learned:

13 November 2013

Deaf and Smart Series: Justin LeBlanc, Fashion Designer (from Project Runway Season 12)

A lot of the impetus for starting Redeafined came from a frustration that deaf people are often portrayed as broken or "less than"; the mainstream media loves to cover deaf people as spectacle--when they're getting their cochlear implants activated or signing songs in ASL-- doing things that mesh with the interests of a hearing culture, but most hearing people are never exposed to deaf people succeeding in "normal," everyday life. The idea behind the "Deaf and Smart" series is to showcase deaf people who've taken various educational and personal paths and have full, successful lives, lives that are not hindered by "disability," but rather augmented by bilingualism and dual cultural experience. 

This week we heard from Justin LeBlanc, a fashion designer and contestant on Season 12 of the hit TV competition Project Runway!

13 October 2013

Words Matter: Political Correctness and Deafness

Image courtesy Pyrro

Political correctness; it's a tricky issue to navigate in a variety of socio-cultural contexts. and the question of offensive language with respect to labeling deafness has been around for a long time. Most people can see why terminology like "deaf and dumb" is outright offensive and no longer in use. But here are some other thoughts regarding the use of "politically correct language" when it comes to deafness and the Deaf community.