10 January 2012

One Way to Circumvent the Terrible Twos...

Child psychologists have suggested that one reason for the "terrible-twos," that period when a child is irritable, fussy and often getting into trouble, is because he or she has ideas to communicate, but lacks the language skills to do so.  In short, he is frustrated.

Luckily, for two-year-old Ava and her mother, both Deaf, this communication barrier has been leveled.  Watch as they carry on a conversation over dinner in British Sign Language (BSL), and enjoy the inner workings of a toddler's mind revealed!

Deaf (and hearing) children can have the advantage of increased cognitive function and early-expression through the introduction of signed language at an early age. See previous post, check out our guest post on Language on the Move's site, or hear it from an expert in our interview with Signing Time's Rachel Coleman for more information about the cognitive and linguistic benefits of signing for all children.

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