02 August 2013

Signing Time's Latest Project: A Great way to Kickstart Bilingual Learning

Recently we've received a few emails about good ways for young children (deaf and hearing) to be exposed to American Sign Language. Luckily, we've got a timely recommendation! Signing Time is an educational show that produces musical, interactive episodes featuring ASL. Kids love them, they learn all sorts of things in two languages, and even have fun doing it! And now Rachel Coleman (Signing Time's founder) has a new series in mind: Rachel and the TreeSchoolers features twelve musical episodes on topics ranging from insects to community safety. The framework behind the show was designed to "teach children how to learn" by Dr. Emily Swan (PhD in educational psychology and reading), and combines live actors and animation, ASL, music and movement and for full cognitive and kinesthetic engagement. The problem? Television producers deemed the program "too educational."
So Rachel and her crew has set up a Kickstarter campaign to fund production of the remaining episodes. They've already reached there goal, but you can pledge additional support to receive copies of the latest DVDs.
Want to know more? Here's our interview with Rachel about the importance of bilingual education; or check out her plans for Rachel and the TreeSchoolers on the Kickstarter site (See below for the Kickstarter video with CC).

Here's a clip from Signing Time:

And here's the Kickstarter video:

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