20 January 2017

Action Item: Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education is Dangerous for Deaf Children

Among a cadre of billionaire cabinet nominees out-of-touch with the average American, Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education stands out. DeVos was never an educator of any kind, and neither she nor her children have ever set foot in a public school. She's backed several failing charter schools, and plans to overhaul the public education system to make charter schools the priority. But most importantly for our community, she repeatedly suggested in her hearing this week that the state shouldn't necessarily have to offer public education to students with disabilities. 

After saying it should be up to individual states to decide whether they would educate students with disabilities, she revealed herself to be completely unaware of IDEA and the ADA, federal laws protecting people with disabilities that she'd have a responsibility to uphold as Secretary.

Free public education for all children is an important part of our democracy, and proposing that some students be excluded is a dangerous mindset. Whatever your politics, I do hope we can agree that all children deserve a chance to go to school. 

SO HERE'S A CONCRETE THING YOU CAN DO IN 2 MINUTES (or less!) Fill out your contact information in the National Education Association's form, and they will send a ready-made letter to your senators asking them to vote NO on DeVos, because our children are more important than party loyalty.

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