11 September 2013

Deaf on 9/11: Transcript from the Dateline NBC Special

Editor's note: Thinking of those lost to the 9/11 attacks twelve years ago today, and those they left behind. 
Courtesy Deaftown.com: "NBC's "Dateline" aired an interview with three deaf survivors of the World Trade Center tragedy. It was broadcast on November 20th, 2001, at around 10:30pm on NBC's channel. If you missed it, here is the transcript of the interview."

[Reporter] Paula: It’s a biological fact that trauma experience will be deeply etched in memory which is why we’ll never forget where we were on September 11th, especially the thousands of people fleeing from Ground Zero. Every sense on alert, hearts pumping, air so thick with smoky debris you could taste it. And above all, the thundering crash. But for three friends you’re about to meet, the memory of that day is hauntingly silent, just as nightmares sometimes are. Here’s Rob Stafford.
[Pictures of the towers on fire, people looking up, etc. No audio.]
Narrator: Silent screams. Soundless explosions. Noiseless sirens. It is not the September 11th most of us know. Read more on Deaftown.com

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